Baby Barista Board Book

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The Baby Barista – the best way to teach your little ones the basics about coffee!

The board book is 6″x6″x.375″

Shipping is a flat $2!


A Coffee Primer for the Youngest Fans!

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × .375 in

11 reviews for Baby Barista Board Book

  1. Lu Hastings

    This is an awesome book! An introduction to all kinds of coffees. Amber and Joel are coffee-lovers. They really do a great job explaining everything about coffee! Enjoy reading this cute book.

  2. Cierra Steele

    We are big coffee and reading fans so we knew this was the PERFECT book to add to our collection for our son! I love how this book is laid out- with bright colors, clear pictures, and vocabulary so it can grow with your child as they learn to read. Our 3 year old was able to recognize the French press in the book and knew that was what Daddy uses to make his coffee in the morning. Definitely recommend to all coffee loving families!

  3. Frances Ledgewood

    We love this book! It explains all the parts of fancy and fun coffee and coffee machines! Not only will your little one learn more – so will you! Joel and Amber have a passion for all things coffee, so it’s only fitting that they’ve written a children’s book to share their love with others. Definitely a must have your your child’s library!

  4. Brent Ledgewood

    What a great book for my children! Not knowing much about coffee myself, this book was not only fun for the kids, but educational for me too! Highly recommend!

  5. Patti Palmer

    This book is superb! We love to read to our three grandchildren and other “littles”. Our own parents always fostered a love of books. And the Baby Barista book is one of a kind! It makes the world of coffee so clear with pictures and words. This is a great present for baby gifts and birthdays. And it’s in plenty of time for Christmas!


    My 2 year old son loves his copy of “Baby Barista”. He enjoys looking at the pictures and counting the objects on each page. I love that the book is a board book with rounded corners. It’s very good quality and has bright, lovely pictures. I’m excited for my son to learn more from it as he gets older!

  7. Siobhan Piercey

    Anyone who knows Joel and Amber knows they love their coffee!! I am so happy they shared their knowledge in this beautiful book. Adults and children alike will learn all about the world of coffee in a fun, engaging way with colorful pages, fun illustrations, and a sturdy design. This is the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s library!!

  8. Brittany Palmer

    This is such a great book for coffee lovers and novices alike! It outlines coffee equipment and popular drinks in a way that is enjoyable and informative. Our 2 year old loved looking at all the pictures and asking questions about what everything was. I would highly recommend adding this to your little one’s library!

  9. Kristi Pederson Schmidt

    My Baby Barista book came in the mail and it is the perfect addition to my books to read with my grandchildren. Great photos of “coffee” and the correct terminology when ordering those fancy kinds. I can’t wait to share it with them. Here is a book that can be enjoyed by young and old alike!

  10. Andrea Palmer

    My 4 kids loved this book! The colors kept the attention of my youngest (3). As soon as they found the book, they started saying “show us what you usually make”! Although, I usually have iced. They loved learning more about coffee (5,6, and 8). Ok, even as a coffee drinker, I learned more about coffee! This book is educational for ALL ages. I love how it uses correct terminology and what it means!

  11. Lacie Heffken

    This book is *perfect* for us! We run on coffee at our house, so we are excited to share our enthusiasm with our little one. We love the bright colors, the illustrations are amazing, and I’ve even learned a thing or two myself. It’s a board book, so it is sturdy enough for even the wildest of toddlers (aka my child). This was a great addition to our book collection, and I will definitely be gifting it to my coffee-loving friends’ kiddos this Christmas!

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